ExhibitorEd 5 - Lead Management

This course is all about trade show lead management & ROI.

What is it about certain exhibitors? (You know the ones … their booth is constantly busy, even when show floor traffic is light.)

Want to know what these smart exhibitors know?

It doesn't matter if you're headed to your first trade show or your 51st – there are steps you might be missing that can make you more successful! The ExhibitorEd Success System is a compilation of tips and tools to make you more successful.

Imagine how you'll feel when:

  • You set realistic goals for exhibiting … and achieve them!
  • Your pre-show marketing draws eager people to your booth
  • Your exhibit stands out from all the others at the show and creates a buzz
  • Your staff knows exactly how to behave in the booth and properly engage visitors
  • Your leads are followed up efficiently and successfully within days of the show

Learn what smart exhibitors know!
These workshops have been developed with all types of exhibitors in mind. Whether you're an exhibiting novice or old pro, you'll find topics that suit your needs. Just think how much you'll save by avoiding mistakes like these over the coming months!

Session 5: Lead Management & Follow-Up

If you don't have a system in place to manage leads, follow up, and measure your results, you might as well skip the exhibiting experience altogether. This session teaches how to:

  • Define a qualified lead
  • Follow up effectively (5 Keys)
  • Track the 10 key measurements of ROI success

Bonus item includes: Exhibit Evaluation Form

You'll also get an accompanying workbook, designed to enhance the return on your exhibiting experience. These practical step-by-step tips and expert insights will provide real-world examples that you can replicate in your own programs. You'll also be invited to join a private Facebook group where you can interact with ExhibitorEd trainer Marlys Arnold as well as other exhibitors participating in the class.

Don't spend any more time trying to figure it all out by yourself! The ExhibitorEd Success System will provide you with the tools you need to make your next trade show experience the best one yet.

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Gain priceless tips for your exhibit program – and the best part is you don't have any travel expense or time away to take this class.

If you don't have a system in place to manage leads, follow up, and measure your results, you might as well skip the exhibiting experience altogether. In this session – Lead Management & ROI – you'll discover how to follow up effectively and track the key measurements of your success. You will have ongoing access to all course materials.


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Marlys Arnold

As an exhibit marketing strategist, Marlys Arnold combines image expertise and real-world marketing experience with a passion for trade shows. Not only has she been an exhibitor, but also the organizer of several expos and events. This unique perspective of the industry allows her to share new insights with both beginning and experienced exhibitors, teaching how to create experiential exhibits that produce significantly higher numbers of qualified leads.

She’s led workshops for groups including Meeting Professionals International (MPI), the International Association of Exhibitions & Events (IAEE), TSNN and EXHIBITOR, as well as providing exhibitor training for events in a variety of industries, ranging from local consumer expos to some of the largest trade shows in the U.S.

Her articles have appeared in trade show industry magazines and business publications, and she’s been featured on both traditional and online broadcasts. She writes the TradeShowTips Online e-zine, hosts the Trade Show Insights blog/podcast and is the author of Build a Better Trade Show Image, the Exhibitor Education Manifesto, and the ExhibitorEd Success System. She’s also the founder of the Exhibit Marketers Café, an online education community. Her latest book, Exhibit Design That Works, debuted in July 2017.